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Giving younger Girls “The Talk” about Female Health

Educating young women about female health and sex is the best way to keep young women from falling victim to diseases and unplanned pregnancy. The job of giving the female health and sex talk is typically one that no one is very interested in giving.

There are some parents that want to be the only people that talk to their children about female health and sex while others want these topics to be covered by anyone but them. In the end, it seems that the parent is the one that needs to have the talk about these subjects even if there is a health component to the curriculum.

The reason why the talk about female health and sex is so important and needs to be given as soon as it is appropriate is because girls are becoming sexually active at alarmingly young ages. If you wait to have the talk about sex and female health until the child is a preteen, they may already be facing sexual issues. There have been outbreaks of STD’ in middle and high schools. Some young girls get pregnant as soon as their bodies are capable of conceptions. None of these situations are desirable, step up to the plate and have the necessary talks with your daughter.

The best way to have the talk about female health and sex is to make it a gradual one. Never be coy about the body or brush off questions about sex and sex organs. If you are not comfortable discussing these topics without some support, get helpful books or magazines that provide a guide of how to talk to your daughter about these things.

There are plenty of resources that explain female health without any religious slants or overly liberal tones. Having some type of literature to back you up as you embark on this vital talk can be very helpful. Remember, this is a talk, not a speech. Having some tools to help out and elicit questions from the blossoming young lady you are talking to can be ideal.

When you are discussing female health, discuss the emotions that surround the events that the young lady will be experiences. While some tend to make a huge deal about the change of life that they experience in their later years, the beginning of the menstrual cycle is also a change of life.

Deal with it as such. Make sure that the young women you are giving the talk to is well versed on what it means for her body and how to handle it. It is important that young girls understand the emotional roller coaster they may be on and the physical change they will be dealing with.

Explaining the importance yearly check ups and cleanliness is a good idea. Knowing how to keep yourself health and catching any health issues early on is key to living a healthy life. Be sure that young women understand that they could have an infection and never have symptoms. Stress the importance of safer sex and STD testing.

Deciding on when to have the talk about female health is difficult. That is why it helps to spread it out of time. Add bits and pieces to the puzzle as your young lady ages.

When you are talking about female health it is very important to include the STD talk. Some STD’s are incurable and others can scar women for life and make them infertile. No one wants to end up with an STD. Make sure that young women are aware of the risk that is taken during sexual intercourse and the reasons why it is important to be sure that they are ready for this major event. 

Kim is a Registered Nurse working and living in the UK.
She has been nursing for nearly 35 years and now works as a Back Care Advisor.   


by Kim Standerline

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